Do you have a website? Probably it’s not receiving enough traffic. With our search engine optimization (SEO) service, we guarantee that your traffic and conversion will sky rocket within a reasonable time frame. We have been practicing SEO for around 4 years and know our job very well. Our SEO service is result oriented and we make sure your ROI is well justified.

Our Step by Step SEO Process:

Step 1. Research 

It’s important for us to know your business nature and where it stands currently since we’ll be promoting your business/Website. We understand every business is different/unique to some aspect and it’s equally important for the SEO agency/Personnel to understand the business nature to identify the following:

-To identify the target market and proper target audience.

-To understand your business motive and what you want the customers/visitor to do on site.

-To understand the current standing of the business and determine goals to achieve through SEO activities.

-To understand the market competition and how competitor sites are performing.

We arrange one to one to meeting with your company representative (absolutely FREE! ) to understand the above goals.

Step 2. Strategy Determination

Based on the discussion we will perform the following researches/activities primarily:

01. Analyze the buyer keywords, check competitor’s strength and set priority keywords.

02. Prepare a custom write up for the client which includes an overview of the plans forward, what exactly we’ll deliver, how to measure progress, estimated time frame to achieve the goals and pricing breakdown.

Step 3. Execution

Once the plans are approved we start working on the project right away.  In this phase we execute the plans  approved by the client.

01. Perform on page audit to make sure the site is perfectly optimized for on page SEO. We also design landing pages, set up funnels to optimize the conversion rate.

02. Start building quality backlinks. We are completely aware of Google updates and adjust our strategies accordingly.

Step 4. Tracking

We never guarantee any certain amount of days to rank for any keyword. It’s practically impossible because we are not Google to rank for any keyword whenever we want. What we do guarantee is the high quality work from our end that will push Google to rank your site high in SERP.  We also track the records/progresses from our end through the following activities:

01. We check the ranking of the selected keywords and take necessary action to boost any falling keyword.

02. We also track Google analytics and webmaster account to see the traffic statistics and increase in impressions.

Step 5. Reporting

You’ll get two Quarterly/Monthly reports showing all the work done in previous weeks/months along with tracking reports.